Why travel with Eclipse Traveler?

It is all about Exploration. That is what Eclipse Traveler was founded upon and is what the company is still all about. Exploring countries, cultures, environments, cities, mountain ranges, deserts, coasts and jungles; exploring this amazing planet we all live on while viewing a very rare astronomical event. And at Eclipse Traveler we pride ourselves in finding the very best spot to view the eclipses. If it means walking we will do it and we will make sure we do it well and in the very best mountain environments. Polar regions? Small expedition ships can get you where big cruise liners can’t. The winter environment? Why just ski when you can also dog sled, snow shoe walk, build an igloo (and sleep in it!) or experience the northern lights. Wildlife? Far better in small unobtrusive groups with expert guides, and to really understand the local culture get off the beaten track with a local to guide who can share their knowledge with you. There really is a whole world of great experiences out there and we can now offer many of these experiences to families and school groups. Do we also care about the communities and environments we go to visit? Eclipse Traveler has always been and will always be a responsible tour operator. It is in our DNA to work hard to look after what we so prize. We work closely with all our overseas partners to run our tours in the best possible ways, we train our leaders, we actively seek out expert astromers so that we can make a real difference on the ground. But please do not just take our word for it, ask our past travelers, to check what we do on the ground so that we can make improvements where needed. Why do we do all this? Quite simply we love the places we go and we love sharing those great experiences with like minded people.

Our Experience:

Eclipse Traveler has successfully organized small group eclipse viewing tours to;

  • Turkey Total Solar Eclipse Tour - 2006

Solar eclipses are utterly predictable – yet utterly magical. Predictable in that we can now plot their exact time and place far into the future. Magical in being like nothing else on earth or in heavens, as inspiring to hard-bitten astronomers as wondering children. On solar eclipse holidays, you’ll see the moon's silhouette devour our star then hold it in a dark embrace as the world falls twilit and silent, before the light returns and the planet breathes again.

Meet our team:

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Mr. Cengiz Aras


Ms. Jamie Talton

Operation Manager

Mr. Ken Mc Dermack

Eclipse Field Manager

Ms. Serena Laughlan

Finance Manager

Mr. Chuck Sanders