Indonesia Solar Eclipse Express

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Day 1,2 - March 3,4, 2016: Depart Los Angeles

Departure from Los Angeles (LAX).

Day 3 - March 05, 2016: Arrive Bali

Bali is an island paradise, with lush rice field terraces, stunning volcano and lake views and beautiful beaches, but it is often the warmth and friendliness of the Balinese people, that make any stay on the island so memorable.

Upon your arrival in Bali, you will be met and transferred to your hotel in Sanur.

Accommodation: Sanur Beach Hotel (B)

Day 4 - March 06, 2016: Bali - Rural Village & Mt Batur Tour

In the morning after breakfast, depart from the hotel for a full day excursionof Rural Bali & Mount Batur.

A warm welcome waits at a Balinese home, where a traditional light snack is served with Balinese coffee or tea.

Walk through the local farms to experience the life of Balinese farmers working in the rice fields, learning more about the simple and traditional irrigation system called Subak, the process of rice growing, from planting the seedlings, to harvesting and even cooking the rice.

Next stop is Pura Kehen, constructed in the 13th century. Stepping through the “Kori Agung” (stone capped gateway, there are elephant sculptures, which is unusual for a building of that age, as Bali was never home to its own elephants.

Once inside the temple, there is a small compound, which is guarded by a mythical ‘Naga’ (dragon), which has a magic stone inside it. Apparently the stone glowed red hot once the site of the temple had been decided.

Following this fascinating local insight, continue to Kintamani, where you can enjoy lunch overlooking Mount Batur, an active volcano, and the picturesque Lake Batur, in the crater.

Accommodation: Sanur Beach Hotel (B)

Day 5 - March 07, 2016: Fly to Ternate

Today we fly east from Bali across the archipelago to the spice island of Ternate. Lying off the western side of the sprawling island of Halmahera, the ancient sultanates of Ternate and Tidore are islands rich with history and are visually spectacular with their near perfect volcanic cones enveloped in tropical forest.

The island’s rich and colourful history is the result of the spice trade and the enormous economic impact on them in the 16th and 17th century. At this time the islands were the world’s only source of cloves and the resulting spice trade made Ternate and Tidore’s sultans the most powerful rulers in the East Indies and brought the islands to the attention of the European powers of the time. Battles between the powers eventually lead to Dutch control, a legacy that can be seen in the three fortresses built in the early years of the seventeenth century.

At the northern end of town the Sultans Palace (Keraton) contains a museum of artefacts from the reign of the sultans, a lineage that dates back to 1257.

Ternate feels like, and indeed is, a far outpost of Indonesia visited by few western tourists. When travelling to the Moluccan islands there is a real sense of heading off the beaten track.

Accommodation: Bela International (B)

Day 6 - March 08, 2016: Ternate

Free day at laisure. Optional tours avilable.

In the evening Dr.Scott Young will present a lecture in which he will give full details of the eclipse viewing location.

Accommodation: Bela International (B)

Accommodation: M Gallery Phoenix Hotel (B,L)

Day 7 - March 09, 2016: Eclipse Day

An early start will be required on eclipse day as we will be travelling across to the island of Tidore to gain an additional 20 seconds of totality and enjoy a truly unique experience. Explorers will be chartering a ferry and then driving around this beautiful island to reach the small town of Soasio where we have an exclusive agreement to access the grounds of the Palace of the Sultan of Tidore. The Palace is set in a large and enclosed open space which is perfectly suited for the eclipse viewing. During the eclipse we will provide soft drinks, water, snacks, parasols and chairs and toilets.

Accommodation: Bela International (B)

Event Time 
Start of Partial Eclipse 00:24:24
Start of Total Solar Eclipse   01:54:47
Maximum Eclipse 01:56:52
End of Total Eclipse 01:58:56
End of Partial Eclipse 03:30:08





Day 8/9 - March 10, 2016: Return to Bali & fly home

Today we fly back to Bali on a charter flight and connect with the flight home.