Cruise Rates and Cabins

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Pricing and Terms 

 Per person sharing a double cabin in USD

Deck / Cabin Rate
Deck 5 / Cabin 502 - Prestige Balcony (SOLD) $9,550
Deck 5 / Cabin 518 - Prestige Balcony $9,550
Deck 5 / Cabin 520 - Prestige Balcony (SOLD) $9,550
Deck 6 / Cabin 621 - Prestige Balcony (SOLD) $10,060
Deck 6 / Cabin 623 - Prestige Balcony (SOLD) $10,060

IMPORTANT: All tour prices, taxes and airfares quoted in this brochure are based on tariffs, costs and United States dollar exchange rates that were in effect at the time of publication. Consequently, prices herein are subject to change. Due to fluctuations in global oil prices, a fuel surcharge may be added to your tour fee. You will be advised of details and costs prior to departure.

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Traveler Health

It is each traveler’s responsibility to take all appropriate medical advice prior to booking as to whether or not they are fit enough to undertake this trip. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend that all participants obtain travelers’ Trip Cancellation Insurance. If you purchase this coverage within 21 days of the date of your first tour payment, pre-existing medical conditions will be covered. This coverage is available to any traveler worldwide. Details for obtaining this optional coverage will be provided with confirmation material.

A Note About Fuel

In the uncertain, often volatile oil market, it is difficult to predict long-term fuel costs, and more specifically, costs at the time of the voyage. Our prices are based on the prevailing fuel rates at the time of the brochure publication, which is well in advance of departure. While we will do everything possible to maintain our prices, if fuel prices increase significantly at or before the time of the voyage, it may be necessary to institute a fuel surcharge.