Mark Zastrow

Senior Editor


Mark got his bachelor’s degree in astrophysics from the University of Minnesota and master’s degrees in astronomy and science journalism from Boston University. At BU, he researched topics ranging from Jupiter’s magnetosphere and Enceladus’ plume to stellar activity on M dwarfs and the migration of hot Jupiters. Before joining Astronomy, he was a freelance science reporter in Seoul, where he covered stories including AlphaGo’s historic victory, air pollution, dog cloning, research misconduct, the search for axions, and the MERS and COVID-19 outbreaks. He was a regular contributor to tbs eFM, Korea’s largest English-language radio station, and editor of a South Korean politics newsletter from Korea Exposé. Mark is a licensed pilot, though these days, you’ll likely find him in his free time hiked out on his Laser sailboat on Lake Michigan or cheering on his beloved Indy cars at Road America.