2015 Iceland Eclipse Tour Reviews

Jennifer McKenson

I have traveled around the world chasing eclipses and experienced many travel companies through the years. I had always been a savvy traveler and prefer to have the best hotels and best food when i am travelling. I found Eclipse Traveler on the web and decided to book their Icealnd and Faroe Islands eclipse tour. I am very please with the level of services they have provided. Especially Cengiz’s personal attention to every traveler was incredible. I did not know that they have been organizing eclipse trips since 2006. I wish i did found them earlier which could have eliminated a few bad experiences i had with other companies. Eclipse Traveler delivered what they promised and more. Thank you.

Avery Tunder

I have travelled with Eclipse traveler to Turkey in 2006 and had a wonderful experience. I knew their hotels are excellent and the small size of their groups allows a better eclipse viewing experience. Therefore, i did not hesitate to sign up for the Iceland and Faroe Islands eclipse tour. Eclipse Traveler exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail and knowledge about the destination. I should add the food we had during our trip was unexpectedly delicious. I did not know that Iceland was one of the top culinary destinations. Faroe Islands were surreal and we stayed at the best hotel with the views of the sea. Everything was ready for us on the morning of the eclipse day and we enjoyed the breakfast buffet and hot coffee under the stars. I recommend Eclipse Traveler to anyone who are looking for a well-planned itinerary and the best eclipse experience.